Book Reviews

” Heartfelt and sincere story about making friends. Albi’s autism and how it impacts his ability to make friends is well explained and age appropriate. The illustration style is also soft, interesting, and impactful. My 4 year old son enjoyed reading about Albi. This is an excellent classroom resource for sparking conversations about neuro-diversity with primary students and it will find a home in my classroom. Can’t wait for the rest of the series! “

Paige Bratic - Canadian Primary School Teacher

“These books are absolutely beautiful! As a fellow special needs teacher, I think these books are a great representation of a day in the life of a child with autism. It is a great teaching tool, in particular, to help other students understand autism and the struggles students with autism face. My son loved the series and he can not wait to read more about Albi.”

Faith A. - Australian Special Education Teacher

“I have a son with autism and reading these books made me cry! 

Reading the Albi series felt like I was reading about my child. I finally feel like my son has representation in the children’s book world.  We really needed this series. Thank you.”

Janet F. - Education Support Worker